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It can be hard deciding on the best laptop to get for college, especially if you are also a gamer at heart.Most major. online options such as Amazon and Chegg offer students to buy and sell college textbooks at prices up.The X1 Carbon is no slouch in the power department either with an Intel Core i5-6200U CPU and 8GB of RAM ready to run anything you throw at it.Microsoft Surface Book (128 GB, 8 GB RAM, Intel. 13.5-inch PixelSense touchscreen display (3000 x 2000) resolution Windows 10 Pro operating system Incredibly mobile at 3.48 pounds (1576 grams) Surface Pen included.So far I am considering the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, but costs quickly skyrocket, battery life not the best, keyboard seems flimsy.The keyboard is fantastic to type on and has an adjustable backlight.

Our Products The most powerful tools for learning are the ones students love to.We all know that college students. because there are a lot of student laptop deals and student discounts on laptops. there is one more major computer.

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Intel Core i5 processors are fantastic choices for college laptops due to their value-for-money performance.

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A backlit keyboard ensures you can keep up the study until the early hours of the morning with no issue.Grand Canyon University students are eligible for computer discounts.

Being a law student that has an incredible amount of typing to do and long hours once you get into the courtroom, there are two criteria that are critical when buying a laptop.Buying a laptop with a reputation for good quality and durability is a good way to ensure it sees out the entirety of your study years.There is nothing worse than getting sore arms trying to carry your huge laptop from one college class to the next.The reason behind this is that Chromebooks are designed to be used with cloud-based applications such as Google Drive where most of your files will be stored online to conserve space.

Over the years, however, the Macbook Pro has become increasingly lighter with each revision.The Chromebook 13 7310 has a massive 13 hour and 25 minute battery life, making it the perfect laptop for college.

For students entering college, a laptop computer is no longer a luxury.Buying a new laptop is a rite of passage when attending college, or even high school for that matter.Doing a degree in film or animation means constantly using your laptop for editing and watching clips.

Best laptops for college students: The MacBook. the lines in the sand about what computer you should take to. all-around best laptops for college students that.

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Wiknix is a best technology blog based on best laptop, gaming and computer deals. Here I have listed 10 best laptop brands 2017 for college students, gaming,.Some people are just interested in something basic that is going to get from A to B so to speak, without breaking the bank.If you need to run any CPU intense applications, the Intel Core i5 processor is more than powerful enough to do so.

Read our Student Laptop reviews and compare the best models,.Select your best laptop of 2017 from various best laptop brands as the post reviews a list of top 13 best laptops for college students.The Thinkpad P50 is a classic Lenovo laptop, built to their military tested specifications and passing multiple ruggedness, durability, and quality tests.Under the hood is an Intel Celeron N3160 1.6GHz processor and 4GB of RAM, which will be more than adequate for note taking and writing.

The Dell 7310 has a 16GB SSD which combined with Chrome OS, can achieve boot speeds of less than 6 seconds.To be the best portable laptop for college students, the selected laptop needed to both have a very long battery life and also need to be light for carrying around between classes.An impressive 12-hour battery life means the HP Spectre is going to be able to withstand those long nights studying, in court or even studying for the bar exam.If you are a gamer then you should consider a laptop with a dedicated graphics card, otherwise, you will struggle to run games at a decent FPS.The Asus G751JY is a gaming powerhouse and the complete package.Durability is a key factor in a college laptop, and the T460 has been built according to military specifications and can take a beating.An Intel Celeron Dual Core 3205U 1.5GHz processor and 4GB of RAM are the brawn of the laptop and are sufficient for note taking and basic applications.The Acer Chromebook 14 has an all-silver look, which is reminiscent of a MacBook.

The only downside of this is that the webcam is now above the keyboard instead of above the screen which takes a bit of getting used to.Discount on used and refurbished computer laptops, notebooks.Being a college student I need a laptop that was pretty specific.

It has sleek lines and with its slim design is very attractive.Being a college laptop, battery life, and weight are important factors and the Thinkpad P50 manages a very impressive 13-hour battery life and weighs just 4.1 lbs.

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The black keyboard is unfortunately not backlit which could be an issue if you often study in the dark at night.

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